Service history on a used car

Car makers will also periodically release software updates or issue directions for workshops to change parts.

Discover the value of a full service history

These are usually subtle tweaks to fix known minor issues and are carried out quickly and free-of-charge while your car is booked in for servicing. Take your car elsewhere for servicing, and you could miss out on these important upgrades. That influences the values of cars that are sold privately as well as by dealers. To put that in perspective over the first three years of its life, a Nissan Juke 1.

Manufacturers insist that in order to gain the coveted approved status, they must have a full main dealer service history. How much a main dealer service history is worth depends on a number of factors — not least its age and what type of car it is. Sports or luxury-car buyers will be more demanding of a main dealer service history, as will buyers of cars from more upmarket brands. Trust Nissan with your car's next service.

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View the discussion thread. All rights reserved. Does that really count as a negative toward buying any particular Used Vehicle?

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What value to the dealership is having a full service history on a vehicle? If they need records, they can pull them up in their own computer at any time.

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You selling your car to someone else is absolutely of no concern to them, however, their bottom line is. Who would want to report an accident to an insurance company?

Get the Service History on the Used Car!

On top of a deductible, who knows how much higher monthly insurance rates would cost you from admitting you drove recklessly. When I see no service records, I tell buyers it means nothing.

Considering that the vast majority of Australians loathe the idea of haggling for a car , getting the full history is a wise move. Some things should be considered a deal-breaker, or should at least warrant an enormous price reduction:.

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