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Understanding Your Bexar County Property Taxes

Q: Councilman Many Pelaez has successfully pushed the city to study how your district does appraisals. What goes into it? A: Look, Section 23 of the property tax code says what it says — you shall appraise property as of Jan. But then it goes on to say you must consider the individual characteristics of every property owner.

I say that every time so the property owners know — we want them to engage the process. We want them to protest. Bring your protest in.

Then you can go enjoy your Fiesta. Q: Setting Pelaez aside, what goes into market value? What exactly are you looking at? A: Most of it we get through our own solicitations. A whole bunch of it we get through the appeals process. The rest of it comes primarily through people bringing us information that includes refinance appraisals.

How to Find Hidden Deals with Bexar County Clerk Gerry Rickhoff

I think we had 30, deed transactions last year, more or less. We send out 30, solicitation letters trying to find out what the buyers and sellers bought or sold the property for, and the terms. Again, the appeals process generally avails itself of information. So does litigation. A: We look at Zillow.

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There are better ones. Redfin is a pretty good one. A: About 8.

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A: I think obviously the biggest horror shows are inside Loop Anything within 3 miles in any direction of the Pearl. Broadway has exploded. I got one of those calls while I was on the radio the other day. They left me a voice mail offering to buy my house. A: That neighborhood — my house is 24 years old — is very well-established. When we moved here, my wife and I decided it was all about the school district.

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We looked at everything in Stone Oak, everything up and down U. Withdrawing Adult Court Registry Funds. Withdrawing Minor Court Registry Funds.

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Frequently Asked Questions. Texas Counties Deliver. Arrow Left Arrow Right. They say they won't allow her to sell the house until she does a probate on my dad to get the house in her name. We thought the house was in her name. The Bexar Appraisal office says it is in her name. What do we do? Your mother fell victim to incomplete knowledge of the law and to bad advice from someone whose words did not mean what she thought they meant. The situation is that the Bexar Appraisal office, along with all of the county appraisal offices around Texas, are legally charged with setting the value of various properties so that the taxing entities like the County, the City, and the School District can calculate how much tax is owed.

The Appraisal District keeps an account for each taxable property, and naturally they want that account to reflect the true and proper ownership of each taxable property.

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  • But the Appraisal District's tax account records are not the official records of ownership. Their records are a listing of who they think owns the property for tax purposes. The actual ownership records are maintained in the County Clerk's office.