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You have endless options to choose from. If you have two first names, this is a whole different situation. Come on, what sociopaths would name their child Fern? People become genuinely confused and think you're kidding when you try to correct them.

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Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr. By Ashley Fern. Enjoy the 18 things that happen when you're only referred to by your last name: 1. Your friends introduce you by your last name Hi. You haven't been called by your first name since high school You actually cannot recall a time when the majority of people you encountered called you by your first name.

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Your parents are genuinely confused when they hear your friends speak to you Chances are you're bringing your friends home with you to meet your family at one point or another. After being friends for months, people have actually asked you what your first name is This actually happens. Hooking up with your friends is just awkward Like, what are they even supposed to call you? You can count, on one hand, how many people call you by your first name You can actually name, on the spot, which of your friends call you by your first name and which call you by your last name.

When introducing yourself, you become confused with what to say You have become so accustomed to others introducing you by your last name, so to avoid confusion, do you do the same? You are all-too-familiar with the phrase, "Oh! That's you! You forget you have a first name After going through life as a surname, it's hard to remember your roots. When people call you by your first name, you hesitate before responding Am I sure these people are talking to me?

When teachers did role call, they mixed up the order of your name I've always been confused as to how this happens.

If your name is easy to pronounce, people will favor you more.

It feels like you're getting yelled at When someone other than a friend refers to you by your last name, you can't help but feel as if there is some sort of negative connotation attached to it. If you're a girl, people just assume you're a guy It's usually guys who are referred to by last name. But, hey! This isn't always the case. You have a variety of nicknames that are based on your last name B.

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Shaw, B. Green, J. The names know no bounds here. If you're a woman, you realize the only day this will stop will be your wedding day Honestly, even though your last name will change, people will probably still continue to call you by your maiden name. Team shirts are always easy You've had a nickname since before you can even remember.

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People actually think your last name is your first name If you have two first names, this is a whole different situation. You become offended when people who aren't your friends call you by your last name Bitch! You don't know me! About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy.

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New Genealogy Records. Google Limitations on Genealogy Searches. Surnames in families change more frequently than most people realize.

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  • Two people can share a surname and have no biological relationship to each other. Common surnames, such as Smith and Jones, can have multiple independent founders. As well, adoptions, misspellings, name changes sometimes used to hide a criminal or immigration past and non-paternities the husband is not the biological father of the child all serve to confuse the picture.

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    In Britain, surnames have been in existence for only about years. This represents about 25 generations of males, who are the ones that typically carry the surname forward to future generations.

    So what is the probability that two people having the same surname also share a common ancestor? Turi King, a doctoral researcher at the University of Leicester performed genetic tests on a random sample of pairs of British men who shared the same British surname.

    The probability of having a common ancestor rises to nearly 50 percent for rare surnames. The full technical report can be found here. One interesting outcome of the King study is that it validates genetic testing of people with the same surname to determine if they are related.

    There is, however, one major caveat.

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    Private genetic testing can help determine if two people with the same surname are related, but most of these tests would require many more markers than are currently used to determine the specific link between two people. In other words, private genetic tests that are popular with some genealogists can be used to determine if two people are related, but they are not accurate enough to determine exactly how two people are related. Here are some factors that increase the probability of two people with the same surname having a common ancestor:.

    Here are some factors that decrease the probability of two people having a common ancestor:.